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Follow Friday: My favorite mom bloggers

Meet my tribe

One cool thing about blogging is that you meet awesome people. Something less cool is that I always seem to meet people who live far away from me. That said, it doesn’t prevent us from having a friendship and supporting each other.

Here are a few mommy blogs you need to check out:

Amber from Faust Island is a mom blogger who taught me pretty much everything I know about blogging. She blogs about parenting and green living. Her feed is light and airy and she’s a professional photographer. She lives near the beach in South Carolina. Her pictures are dreamy.



Kristiy from Caroline Firefly has been blogging for the longest: 7 years. She’s the mama of a sweet little girl named Elliott. Her blog is now dedicated to parenting and southern living. You can find her on Instagram here.

Photo credit: FaustIsland

Brittney from A Mom Inspired is a mommy blogger.   She writes about parenting, fashion, and shares creative recipes. She’s also the owner of Inspired Apparel Co., one of our favorite small shops. We met because of our common love for baby clothes and we’ve since then become friends.

Photo credit: FaustIsland

Becci from Propperlivin is a British mum blogger living in the United States. In her blog, you’ll read about parenting, travel, and photography. She’s the mommy of Mia and shares beautiful pictures on her IG page.

mommy blog blogger

Photo credit: FaustIsland

Jackie from Raising Cubs is also a professional photographer. Her blog focuses on homeschooling, healthy living, and photography. She’s very knowledgeable about essential oils.

mom blogger mum

Photo credit: FaustIsland

If you’re looking for new blogs to read about parenting, crunchy living, and recipes, then check them out, you won’t be disappointed!


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