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Tips to make this flu season as uneventful as possible


Thank you Nosiboo for sponsoring this post, and making this winter easier on us

I think we’ve all noticed that cold and flu season is in full swing. I have to say, so far we’ve been pretty good. The boys have been hit pretty lightly compared to some of my friends’ kiddos. This time of years bring out my health anxiety so we use hand sanitizer all day long if we’re in and out of the house. We’ve set up a routine for it with the boys and they’re used to it now. They get hand sanitizer as soon as we get in the car and also when they get home. Additionally, we’ve been changing Jude’s clothes after he comes home from school since he’s the one most likely to bring home illnesses. Extreme? Maybe, but so far it’s been working pretty well. 

Snotty nose 

Despite not having caught the flu or another one of those nasty viruses going around, the boys and us have had a constant light cold complete with runny noses for weeks. Jude is pretty good at blowing his nose. He understands the concept but he doesn’t blow the snot out that effectively. Charlie can’t do it at all. I’ve recently discovered a product called Nosiboo and I’m in love with its capability. It’s been amazing to see the boys’ stuffiness get removed just like that!  

Nosiboo: snot sucker!

Nosiboo worked closely with ENT specialists while developing this product. They went with a lovely design which makes using Nosiboo fun so kids can adjust to it easily. Nosiboo consists of a well-designed hose with a ergonomically-shaped nozzle that fits right in the nose connected to the suction device which pulls the mucus right out of your kids’ nostrils. Jude’s been getting used to it by playing make-believe doctor with his baby doll. It’s pretty adorable if you ask me.


I like convenient products so I was a bit afraid of the cleaning aspect of Nosiboo. I pictured the snot going in the collection chamber and having to use tiny brushes to clean it effectively but I was wrong! 

The big novelty about the device, other than the electric, adjustable operation is the patented suctioning head called a Colibri head. It prevents the mucus from entering the tube and the machine itself, so the only part which has to be cleaned is the head itself, and it’s easy to do so. It’s very hygienic as it can be taken apart in seconds and washed in the sink under running water. Every part of it is removable so cleaning is not a hassle. There’s no need to clean the tube whatsoever. 

How does Nosiboo feel?

Willy and I were wondering how it feels so we tried Nosiboo on ourselves. It feels a little funny at first but it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s barely just a matter of getting used to it. Jude thought it was funny and though Charlie was hesitant at first he lets us do it now. I think he appreciates the relief Nosiboo provides him with.  The suction power can be adjusted and the maximum strength was set based on international professional recommendations.

If there’s one product you need in your household this winter, it’s Nosiboo. Whether you have a baby, a toddler who’s not good at blowing his nose, an autistic child, or just someone in your house that needs a bit more help to effectively get rid of their stuffy nose, then Nosiboo is meant for you! Check out their website for more information —>

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