Autism nonprofit organizations: free AAC devices, grants and more

There are many autism nonprofit organizations that help parents of autistic children and people with autism. Things autism nonprofits can help with includes but are not limited to: Getting a free AAC device, financial help, respite care, scholarships/grants and more. Autism nonprofit organizations that provide free AAC devices Lilly’s Voice “When someone is approved for an AAC device through Lilly’s Voice, we will not only make arrangements for the purchase of the device and/or software, we will also provide resources to assist the family in setting up the device, as well as tactics for teaching the child how to use it (if needed).” This autism nonprofit was able to provide AAC devices to people I know, very quickly. If you’re in a position to donate, they’re a great choice! Global AAC “Global AAC’s mission is to bring Speech Generating Devices, also known as AAC devices, to people who cannot afford this technology in developing countries. These devices enable people  with severe communication disorders such as cerebral palsy and ALS.” Adler’s Voice “The mission of Adler’s Voice is to help other families of a child with complex communication disorders obtain the resources, medical and therapeutic treatments, assistive technology, and educational resources … Continue reading Autism nonprofit organizations: free AAC devices, grants and more