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  • autism speaking engagement

    Autism and speaking engagements

    I’m a mother on the autism spectrum raising two children with autism, one with Level 1 Autism and one with Level 3 Autism. I’ve been enjoying giving talks all over the…

  • world autism month 2024

    Happy World Autism Month 2024

    This World Autism Month, brace yourself for a deluge of people flooding your social media feeds, telling you what to do and what not to do. I’ve grown tired of the…

  • charliee

    Autism and Respite Care in Texas: A Call to Action

    How to access respite care in Texas? Today, in just 25 minutes, Charlie displayed everything I’ve been trying to convey to the necessary authorities regarding his extreme and dangerous behaviors—aggression, spitting,…

  • IMG 3289 edited

    Autism and those looks in public…

    Autism has taught me to expect the unexpected from strangers in public. This week, I received a wonderful surprise! I took Charlie to the doctor to make sure his nose wasn’t…

  • IMG 2148
    For Moms

    No, I won’t cut my toddler’s hair

    “Cut her hair. It’s always in her eyes. Drives me crazy” Instagram User I’ve been getting variations of this message at least once a day. I’ve started ignoring them. If it’s…

  • cstom ball pit autism pica

    Pica, autism and the need for a bare room

    Pica: When your son with profound autism eats non-edible items… Not the happiest start to the year, but I’ve made the difficult decision to give away Charlie’s custom ball pit. I…

  • pica

    Autism and PICA

    We need more autism and PICA awareness Let’s talk about autism and pica. I’ve been trying to share the positive side of Charlie’s journey because I know it resonates with many.…