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    Autism and those looks in public…

    Autism has taught me to expect the unexpected from strangers in public. This week, I received a wonderful surprise! I took Charlie to the doctor to make sure his nose wasn’t…

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    For Moms

    No, I won’t cut my toddler’s hair

    “Cut her hair. It’s always in her eyes. Drives me crazy” Instagram User I’ve been getting variations of this message at least once a day. I’ve started ignoring them. If it’s…

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    Pica, autism and the need for a bare room

    Pica: When your son with profound autism eats non-edible items… Not the happiest start to the year, but I’ve made the difficult decision to give away Charlie’s custom ball pit. I…

  • pica

    Autism and PICA

    We need more autism and PICA awareness Let’s talk about autism and pica. I’ve been trying to share the positive side of Charlie’s journey because I know it resonates with many.…

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    My 2024 hopes for the autism community

    To the parents awaiting services or evaluations for their autistic kiddo…I’m thinking of you. To the mom, overwhelmed that health insurance went up again…you’re not alone. To the autistic person, drained…

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    There was a before and an after autism

    Before autism… This photo was taken before the word “autism” entered our lives. I miss that blissful innocence sometimes—not knowing that Charlie was going to struggle with the most basic things…

  • sensory friendly santa

    Autism and Sensory Friendly Santa Photos

    If your child has autism and you’ve been nervous about getting photos with Santa, you’ll want to check out a Sensory Friendly Santa! If you want a judgement-free and calm Santa…

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    Happy Thanksgiving Autism Families

    Happy Thanksgiving to Autistic people and Autism caregivers 🍁 Today more than ever, I’m thinking about all autism families for whom Thanksgiving can be challenging. It’s been a tough one for…