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    Goally Update: VISUAL SCHEDULE app

    Goally Device UPDATE! I didn’t think it was possible for me to love Goally even more, but after their latest update, I am in awe. Goally is a great therapy tool.…

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    American autism & auto club

    Autism and finding an online community A few months ago, I told you about some great resources for adults with autism through Casy Sparks. If you haven’t read the blog yet,…

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    End #ActuallyAutistic Bullying

    #ActuallyAutistic Bullying I want to end #ActuallyAutistic bullying. Continually for over five years, one particular group of self-identified autism advocates has been harassing countless people online. If you’ve posted on an…

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    Glo Pals and autism: Making bathtime fun

    Autism and bathtime When Charlie and Jude were babies, they used to love bathtime. They’d splash and splash some more, wanting to stay in the water for hours, I’m sure, if…

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    Autism awareness month Reminder

    Here’s your Autism Awareness Month reminder: Whether you light it up blue or red, whether your language is identity-first or person-first, whether you connect with the puzzle piece or infinity loop…

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    Texas Snowpocalypse 2021

    This past week was scary for many in Texas, including our family. We were left without heat and electricity for days when it was 7F outside. And then, we were left…