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    Autism, poop smearing, and aggression

    We need to talk about the reality of autism As uncomfortable as it is, we need to talk about what reality is actually like for many autistic people: aggression, destruction, poop…

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    An Invisible Disability is still a disability

    Living with an invisible disability: autism When I tell people I’m autistic, as with many high-functioning individuals, the response I usually get is, “you don’t look autistic.”I get it, it’s confusing…

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    Communication is a privilege

    The idea that all autistic people can communicate is false and can also be dangerous. There are kiddos and adults like Charlie who can’t even communicate when their life depends on…

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    Autism is not my superpower

    Autism isn’t a superpower for everyone I’m going to do something that’s frowned upon in the autism community. I’m going to say something on behalf of my nonverbal son. If Charlie…

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    autism and hitting

    What to do about autism and hitting? Autism and hitting is such a touchy subject. Last week, Charlie hit a little boy at the park. The child’s dad walked over, rightfully…

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    Don’t forget those with severe autism

    I wish my brother didn’t have autism For his sixth birthday, Jude wished Charlie didn’t have autism. I shared a video of the moment, and though a majority of comments were…

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    AUTISM Self-Help Discussion Group

    Where to find support as an autistic adult? If you have autism, and are looking to connect with other autistic adults, self-help discussion groups can be great. CASY Sparks Relationship Self-Help…