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    Myrtle Beach, an autism-friendly destination

    I love traveling and exploring new places, but that’s not always easy with Charlie. I’ve been hearing for a while that Myrtle Beach is an autism-friendly city so when the opportunity…

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    Signs of Level 1 Autism in Adults

    While there are various ways that autism is diagnosed, the most common diagnostics are based on children. This can often be frustrating for adults who recognize that they have signs of…

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    I hope you find your people

    I hope you find the people who hear “I need your help” behind your bogus “I’m good,” the ones who know what lies behind your silence, and the ones who will…

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    Autism, poop smearing, and aggression

    We need to talk about the reality of autism As uncomfortable as it is, we need to talk about what reality is actually like for many autistic people: aggression, destruction, poop…

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    An Invisible Disability is still a disability

    Living with an invisible disability: autism When I tell people I’m autistic, as with many high-functioning individuals, the response I usually get is, “you don’t look autistic.”I get it, it’s confusing…

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    Communication is a privilege

    The idea that all autistic people can communicate is false and can also be dangerous. There are kiddos and adults like Charlie who can’t even communicate when their life depends on…

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    Autism is not my superpower

    Autism isn’t a superpower for everyone I’m going to do something that’s frowned upon in the autism community. I’m going to say something on behalf of my nonverbal son. If Charlie…