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    Autism awareness month Reminder

    Here’s your Autism Awareness Month reminder: Whether you light it up blue or red, whether your language is identity-first or person-first, whether you connect with the puzzle piece or infinity loop…

  • the autism cafe autism mom blog #actuallyautistic snow

    Texas Snowpocalypse 2021

    This past week was scary for many in Texas, including our family. We were left without heat and electricity for days when it was 7F outside. And then, we were left…

  • the autism cafe autism mom blog #actuallyautistic brothers

    Brothers and autism

    Brothers and autism: Unconditional love I often get asked how Charlie reacted to us bringing newborn Jude home. The truth is, it was pretty devastating for everyone. Charlie couldn’t stand being…

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    Lifestyle Moms Unite

    Should I vaccinate my kids?

      Thanks I Vaccinate for sponsoring this post so I can share our story. Should I vaccinate my kids? With this hundred-year pandemic currently in progress, we figured it was a…