7 Reasons Why I Support Autism Speaks as an autistic adult

I’m autistic and I work for Autism Speaks as their Senior Social Media Manager. I work there because I support them, and have for a few years now. The opinions I’m sharing here are solely my own, as one autistic person. I don’t speak for Autism Speaks or the autism community. No one alone speaks for the autism community.  Anyone who has read my book knows that until a few years ago I was neutral about Autism Speaks. Why? Because I didn’t have enough information. I had incorrect information, too. I’m not the type of person who reads an opinion online and takes it at face value. I formed my opinion based on my own research and what I discovered to be facts.  Now that I’ve worked for Autism Speaks for a while, I can confidently say that what I discovered was correct, and I do support Autism Speaks and its mission. Is Autism Speaks a hate group? Every single time I mention Autism Speaks in one of my posts, someone comments that I need to do my research because Autism Speaks is a hate group.  It’s people’s right to not support Autism Speaks, of course. If that’s the case … Continue reading 7 Reasons Why I Support Autism Speaks as an autistic adult