Autism and Charlie’s progress in speech therapy

autism autistic speech therapy aac proloquo progress report

Today, I got Charlie’s speech therapy progress report, and excuse my language, but holy sh*t, I‘m impressed. It’s hands down the best progress report I’ve seen in over 5 years of therapy. ⁣⁣
Keep in mind that while it’s called speech therapy, we’re accepting any form of communication in our attempt to help Charlie find his voice. Charlie uses mainly his AAC device with the app ProloQuo2Go but he also now has dozens of word-approximations and he‘s even started learning sign language. ⁣⁣
Also, I don’t talk about it a lot but Charlie has Apraxia. It basically means that his brain can’t coordinate the oral movement to create sounds in his mind to sounds with his voice. That’s why most of Charlie’s word approximations sound similar. ⁣⁣
I’m not even gonna worry about the areas in which he regressed right now because there‘s so much positivity in this report! ⁣⁣
He’s working with so much against him, yet we’re getting there slowly. So proud! ❤️

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