Autism Awareness Day: Put down the weapons

light it up blue autism awareness day autism mom blog asperger's eileen lamb

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Happy Autism Awareness Day! ⁣

You know what they say… Autism Awareness is every day at our house. But I’m not that girl who’s gonna make you feel bad for celebrating autism only one day a year. I’m so happy when I see people talking about autism. ⁣

My wish for the future is that we can all agree to disagree on the many autism controversies rocking our world. You disagree with someone? Totally fine, but don’t go out of your way to attack them on their own blogs and social media. I assure you, autism-parents are their own worst self-critics. They don’t need your judgement. ⁣

So today, whether you chose to wear blue or red, whether you chose to honor the puzzle piece symbol or the infinity loop symbol, whether you chose to boycott Autism Speaks or not, thank you for talking about autism. Thank you for normalizing it and sharing your perspective. Thank you for raising awareness and acceptance. ⁣

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light it up blue autism awareness day autism mom blog asperger's eileen lamb

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    2019-08-07 at 6:20 PM

    “Agree to disagree” is fine when somebody is agreeing to disagree on the flavor of a cupcake.

    “Agree to disagree” is not okay when the lives of autistic people are being affected by a “charity” that does everything to silence, ignore, dehumanize, stigmatize and discredit them.

    “Agree to disagree” is not okay when ANY person’s life is being affected by something that is making their life harder.

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