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Feeding tips for your picky eaters: How to make it fun

Autism, SPD and feeding issues

As you know, something the boys struggle with is eating. Charlie is pretty good at feeding himself. Well, he understands the concept of using a spoon or a fork but what a mess! If you come by our house after a meal, it will look like a battlefield. Crumbs everywhere, yogurts incorporated into the carpet, dry ketchup on the wall; you know what I’m talking about. Anyways, the main issue with Charlie is to actually get him to try and eat different food and textures. He’d be happy to just eat toast and bacon for the rest of his life. That’s not an option.

Jude’s feeding issues are even more pronounced, not only won’t he try different foods but he also gags on most textures. Right now, with his therapists, we’re focusing on Jude sitting at the table and touching different foods.  The goal is to make feeding fun, we tried singing, and playing with the food with no luck. Most days, he won’t even look at the food.

Dylbug: Cute plates to make eating fun

I was at my wits ends so I searched the web for a solution, that’s when I came across this company called Dylbug. They make incredibly cute baby plates. Jude loves animals so I figured I would give it a shot. The cool things about Dylbug is the food cutter they sell to make clothes for your plate animals. How fun is this? Jude loves it. It helped with step #1 of the feeding process: touching the food.
Where it gets even better is that

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