A glimpse of hope: “I think he’ll talk.”

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A Glimpse of Hope

“I think he’ll talk.”

That’s what the developmental pediatrician said this morning. These words came from the same doctor who diagnosed Charlie with severe autism and was so worried about his lack of progress 6 months ago that she ordered a series of tests to make sure there wasn’t anything else causing his symptoms.

“I think he’ll talk.” This is music to my ears. The answer to a question I didn’t even ask her, and that I’ve been wanting to hear for two years.

Of course, there’s still a battle happening inside of me. An inner fight between the happy part smiling at the idea of hearing sweet words coming out of Charlie’s mouth, and the cautious part reminding me of the total uncertainty of the future.

Ultimately, nobody knows if Charlie will ever be able to talk, however it’s the first time that a diagnostician showed optimism on the subject. Maybe he won’t ever talk but for now I’m just gonna celebrate. She saw progress and progress is ALWAYS worth celebrating. Way to go, Charlie!

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  • Reply
    2017-01-19 at 9:13 PM

    How absolutely exciting. Our kids have a unique way of surprising us every day!!!

  • Reply
    devertu christiane
    2017-02-22 at 4:53 PM

    Si seulement il existe une force surnaturelle dans l”au delà, qu’elle exauce votre voeux, que Charlie prononce un jour le mot “maman”, je vous le souhaite de tout cœur. Si j’avais ce pouvoir, je le ferais instantanément.

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