Happy Thanksgiving Autism Families

Thanksgiving autism autistic tips

Happy Thanksgiving to Autistic people and Autism caregivers 🍁

Today more than ever, I’m thinking about all autism families for whom Thanksgiving can be challenging. It’s been a tough one for us already.

To parents of autistic children who are doing their best to ensure their child has a smooth Thanksgiving, you rock!

To the autistic person dreading having to socialize with relatives, don’t be hard on yourself, it’s okay to step back into a quiet room.

To the mom who made double the food to make sure their autistic child has access to their favorite food, you’re incredible.

To the autistic person overwhelmed by having their routine disrupted, you’re brave for getting out of your comfort zone—you’ve got this!

To the little brother feeling left out because all the extra attention is given to their autistic sibling, you matter too. Your parents love you.

To families who can’t be together for Thanksgiving because their autistic child is in an in-patient facility, I’m thinking of you.

To everyone for whom Thanksgiving can be challenging, you’re not alone. I see you. ❤️

Click here for tips for an autism-friendlly Thanksgiving

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