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Autism and siblings: a bittersweet moment captured


Autism: When a picture tells a thousand words.

At first glance, it’s just two children fighting. If you look closely, though, you’ll notice Jude’s pouty face. He’s sad. He wanted Charlie to play with him. How do you explain autism to a two-year-old? Jude is a social butterfly. He likes to talk and be with people. He doesn’t understand yet that his brother has different needs and always will. Charlie is covering his ears protecting himself from Jude’s incessant requests to play but Jude doesn’t understand that so he keeps begging

“Charlie! Pleassse play! Charlie!”

That’s the cycle we get into. Jude wants to play, Charlie doesn’t, so Jude screams, which upsets Charlie even more and makes Jude just overall confused about the situation. 

All brothers fight, yes. But still, it’s bittersweet because I wonder if they’ll ever be able to enjoy a conversation together. I wonder if Jude will ever get an answer from Charlie.

On the positive side, it makes the moments when they do play together that much sweeter. I have to give that one to autism. It really makes you appreciate everything a little bit more whether it’s a simple “Toe” for toast, a hug, a quick glance in my direction when I come home, or maybe one day that sweet word I’ve been longing to hear, “mom”


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    Jeanine Hammer
    2018-03-04 at 9:32 PM

    I recognise this so much, our youngest, Jasper is very social, talkative, and so many times just wants to play with his big brother. But Zack just isn’t up for it, Jasper screams, Zack covers his ears and screams even more, and we have a vicious circle. We still don’t know if Zack has autism or not, but we suspect. We have been fighting towards getting an appointment for over six months so that he can get the extra support and help he needs. And still its s long waiting game..

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