Pica, autism and the need for a bare room

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Pica: When your son with profound autism eats non-edible items…

Not the happiest start to the year, but I’ve made the difficult decision to give away Charlie’s custom ball pit. I had someone build it for him for his 10th birthday…

Charlie was tearing it apart and eating it. The foam on the inside, the rubber on the edges, and lately, the wood… Pica is awful.

We had already stripped Charlie’s room of pretty much everything else due to safety concerns. We were hoping to be able to keep the ball pit, but Pica won that battle too.

Right now his room has a bed, a play couch and a trampoline. That’s it. He’s eating through his clothes too so I don’t know how long these items will stay clear of his pica—it’s a nightmare.

I hope 2024 brings solutions for Charlie’s Pica. Dare I say, I’m hoping for a cure for Pica

I just want Charlie safe and happy. We seem to have the “happy” part down, but the “safe” not so much.

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