is autism the same for everyone?

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If you’re wondering if autism is the same for everyone, the answer is no.

When it comes to autism, no two autistics are alike.

Some can communicate, others can’t, and will never be able to.
Some can talk, but prefer to communicate nonverbally.
Some love to talk, while others are quiet.
Some prefer identity-first language, and others use person-first.
Some will live independently, and others require 24/7 care for life.
Some like the puzzle piece symbol, others don’t.
Some have an impressive “splinter skill”, but most do not.
When it comes to autism, we all have different abilities and varied opinions.
There isn’t a single autistic voice, and there’s not a single form of autism. If you’re looking to learn more about autism, have conversations with an autistic person, and then another, and then another.
But remember, some people with autism cannot communicate, whether verbal or otherwise, so to get to know them, you might have to talk to the people closest to them, those who care for them and often will for their entire life.


“If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism”


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