Being an autism parent during the Covid19 pandemic


Hey, special-needs parents, I see you.⁣

I see you trying to juggle being a mom, OT, ST and ABA therapist while not losing your sanity.⁣

I see you comforting your child because his routine has been dramatically changed and he doesn’t understand why.⁣

I see you worrying about the future and the regressions lack of therapy always brings.⁣

I see you cringing every time your child licks his hands while desperately trying to explain to him not to, because there’s a virus and that virus isn’t our friend.⁣

I see you questioning yourself at every turn, wondering if you’re enough. ⁣

I see you missing your son’s therapists and wishing for the curve to flatten already so we can all be safe and so life can go back to normal for your special child who strives on routine.⁣

I see the doubt in your heart and the fatigue in your eyes. I see it because I live it too. I just want to remind you that no matter how much your child regresses during quarantine, this isn’t a race, he’ll learn those skills back and even more afterward. That’s what I repeat myself daily to not dive into an infernal cycle of worries.⁣

This is temporary, and we will get through it, even though right now, it doesn’t feel like it. ⁣Let’s let go of our expectations and the pressure to be wearing all the hats. We are not alone.

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