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Vibes High-Fidelity: Sensory Earplugs for Autism

Thank you Vibes for sponsoring this post and helping people with Sensory Processing Disorder and autism.

Many people on the autism spectrum are sensitive to noise and could benefit from good sensory earplugs. As I get older, my sound sensitivity is getting worse, and it makes it hard for me to concentrate and act “normal when sounds are loud. I just want to close my eyes and cover my ears. I strive to fit in and don’t want this to prevent me from enjoying day-to-day activities so I’ve had to look for a solution. I’ve talked about Vibes a few times on my blog already and during the past few months, my Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs have been useful to me and my family more than once.

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Construction and noise overload

First of all, we just moved into a new house in a new neighborhood so construction workers are here all the time. They’re building new houses next to our ours and it gets loud. When there’s too much noise, it’s hard for me to focus, and it’s hard for Charlie too. I’ve been seeing Charlie more and more quietly crawl into a ball on the floor with his hands on his ears since we moved in here. Thankfully my Vibes Sensory Earplugs have been a great way to reduce the sound level around me, and Charlie is sometimes willing to wear them too.

vibes high fidelity sensory earplugs

Yesterday, Charlie’s BCBA was at our house for parent training, and Charlie wasn’t particularly happy. He was screaming loudly and it was really painful for me. It’s amusing how sensitive to sounds Charlie is, except when he’s the one making them. I wanted to step out of the room to get away from the noise but didn’t want to be rude. I grabbed my Vibes Earplugs and it reduced the intensity of Charlie’s screams instantly. It allowed me to stay in the room comfortably while still being able to hear the discussions. It takes the edge off of the loudness without making the sound muddy. And instead of blocking and muffling sound like big earmuffs that a lot of people that are sensitive to sound use, Vibes lower the volume of what you hear to a more comfortable level, while still allowing you to hear everything (including speech) clearly.

Last week I also used Vibes to go turn off the smoke detector. My husband, Willy, was cooking and the smoke alarm went off, which was incredibly loud and painful. My Vibes came in handy then too.

vibes high fidelity sensory earplugs

Sensory earplugs for back-to-school

I like that Vibes are discreet. Some autistic people don’t care about fitting in but personally I don’t like to draw attention to myself. The discrete nature of Vibes sensory Earplugs makes it easier for me not to stand out. I’m also thinking about the future when Charlie goes to school how these will be a great asset in the cafeteria and hallways. One more time, it will allow Charlie to still participate in activities while not being bothered by the background noise. Vibes are a lot more convenient than those big earmuff noise reducers that he doesn’t like keeping on his head anyway.  

Growing up, my differences led other children to make fun of me. It’s wrong and we should all strive to accept each other regarding of our differences but I don’t have control on how the other kids are going to react to Charlie being different. For that reason, I like the almost invisible nature of Vibes. And when Charlie is able to make his own decision, if he prefers using big visible earmuffs, Vibes, or nothing at all, it’s his choice. For now he enjoys Vibes Earplugs because they work and they’re super comfortable. After a minute, we forget they’re in our ears at all. Jude’s been reaching for them too when he’s bothered by noises. Recently, he wore them because of the thunder outside and because his daddy was playing guitar too loud. 🙂

vibes high fidelity sensory earplugs
vibes high fidelity sensory earplugs

Get your Vibes sensory earplugs today

All Vibes Earplugs come with 3 sizes of soft, interchangeable ear tips to ensure the perfect fit. They really are a must-have if you or someone you know has a sensory processing disorder, and/or autism.

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