Pura: Découvrez nos biberons et bouteilles pour enfants préférées


Did you know it took us 3 years to wean Charlie off his baby bottles?

When Charlie was younger, he found comfort in lying on his silk pillowcase and drinking milk out of a baby bottle.  We were worried because his doctors were concerned it would impact his teeth. After a while we just gave up because you have to pick your battles.We tried every straw cups and sippy cups on the market but he wouldn’t take them. We decided to focus our energy mostly on Charlie’s communication skills and decreasing his screaming. We figured, he’d drop the baby bottle when he was ready

Pura Stainless Sippy Cups

When Charlie was about 3 years old, I discovered the brand Pura on Instagram. I gave it a shot mostly because I loved the way the bottles looked and because they are stainless steal. I like steal better than the other plastic bottles you find on the market even the BPA free ones.

Well, we I received our Pura Stainless straw cups, and to my surprise, Charlie liked them. I don’t know why he likes this brand better. The straws are thicker than most other brands and he has to suck on it harder to get the liquid out of it. You’d think it would be annoying for him but no he likes it, my guess is that he likes the sensory input he gets when drinking out of these thick straws. I ended up throwing away all his baby bottles and since then he’s been able to drink from straw cups and sippy cups. Just like that. It happened overnight. Now if he could start talking overnight, that’d be great.


Stylish and interchangeable baby bottles

You know how much I like baby clothes and cool accessories. They have a bunch of different color sleeves. Jude loves this orange one. We also have a green and a blue one. Another cool thing about Pura is that the tops are interchangeable so you could screw in a baby bottle tip to one of your big 9oz bottles. I like mix and match products.

I recently got a Pura bottle for big kids hoping to ease the transition so Charlie would drink out of an open cup since he’s now 4. Well, he’s doing ok with it but it’s a work in progress. He doesn’t quite understand to turn the cup where the openening is. Jude however, who is not even 2, is able to drink from his big boy bottles without spilling it. He’s learning to turn the bottle to find the opening and he loves to carry his bottle around. As you can see 😉


Oh and they have adult bottles too. I love them because they don’t smell bad. I’ve noticed that plastic bottles start smelling bad after a few months. Not these bottles.

Bottom line: Pura is great for the entire family. You can find them on their official website or on Amazon.

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    Ronny Kamon
    2017-08-17 at 12:04

    Hi Eileen,

    First of all, the kids are adorable. Second, I like the variety of bottles you have displayed and the fact that they can be mis-matched is a bonus in my book. The bottles are beautiful and I like that they are stainless steel instead of the usual plastic. It was exciting to find out that they have bottles for adults too!

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