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How to create a positive co-sleeping environment

Co-sleeping and lack of sleep

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you probably know about Jude’s sleeping issues. Jude slept in bed with us for two years; he was breastfeeding so it was convenient. The downside? The quality of my sleep was strongly affected. I’d wake up in the morning feeling like I didn’t even sleep due to how much he moved all night. Now that he’s weaned, Jude still likes to cuddle with me when he sleeps. Don’t get me wrong, it’s adorable and I love it, but not everyday and all night long. 

Thankfully, the transition to a big-boy bed a few months ago was successful. To help him, we have a bedtime routine: a nightlight system and series of favorite “loveys” he can’t fall asleep without. It’s really, really sweet. I had always wanted Charlie and Jude to have something they’re attached to, something they carry everywhere and that comforts them when they’re feeling vulnerable. These stuffed animals have been a great way for Jude to self-soothe.

Jude now falls asleep in his own bed and stays there for half the night before he crawls back in bed with us. It’s an improvement but not quite good enough yet. After being deprived of sleep for so long, I looked for a solution and found one with DockATot®.

Comfortable co-sleeping environment

You know what they say: pick your battles! Instead of putting all my energy into making sure Jude stays in his bed all night, I shifted my efforts. I looked for a comfortable co-sleeping solution. More specifically, I was looking for something that would make Jude feel safe, while still being in his own space. DockATot has worked. They’re made with hygienic fabrics that do not harbor heat so kiddos don’t get too hot. They have different sizes and many uses. Dockatot can be used for lounging, bed transitioning, supervised tummy time, bonding, playing, resting, and even changing. The sky’s the limit!

Jude fell in love with his new DockATot bed as soon as we opened the box. He climbed in it, got his tablet, and just chilled for a while. He’s usually very hyper after school so this was a good surprise. This was a promising moment and it gave me hope that he would like his new bed at night too.

The cats also really like it. They cuddle up with Jude in the Dockatot so sweetly!


We got the DockATot® Grande. It’s meant for kids up to 3 years old. My first reaction when I saw it was that I wished they had adult sizes! Jude’s very fond of his DockATot too. He literally asks to take it with us wherever with go, like to the park, to the store, to school, etc… Since DockATot is lightweight and simple to travel with, I obliged and took our DockATot to the park! Jude loved having it. It’s actually really awesome for a picnic or just for kids to have some down time. That day, Jude got all muddy. Another cool thing about Dockatot is that the covers are fully machine-washable so I don’t have to worry about having to spot-clean it. Washing it is easy as pie! (I love weird American phrases like that that I don’t really understand.)

Using DockATot to co-sleep

As far as using it for co-sleeping goes, it’s been a real triumph. I place it next to me in bed, and he just stays in it from the moment he joins us in the middle of the night, all the way to the morning around 7. While it’s not perfect, it’s a genuine step in the right direction. I was a tired mom, but since we started using DockATot to co-sleep, I feel much more rested in the morning, and that’s big win. Thanks DockATot!





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    Amber Cruz
    2020-05-12 at 7:15 PM

    I am also a parent who has had no luck with my litte one staying asleep through the night. I am desperate at this point now that he is 4. I just ordered the Grande Dockatot and was searching if other parents with ASD children have had success. photos and Thank you for this. I am hopeful this will work out.

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