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Don’t let heartburn wreck your night, get Maty’s

 maty's acid indigestion heartburn relief capsules natural    

This post is #sponsored by Maty’s — all opinions expressed are my own. #MatysPartner

Maty’s and my experience with heartburn

We all know what’s going on in the world and how badly it’s affected so many of us. After months of not seeing anyone, I started doing open-garage hangouts with my friends. Each one of us brings her own folding chair, sits six feet away from the others, and gets food delivered to the garage. It’s a bit sad but also fun — you gotta do what you gotta do to stay safe, protect others, and squeeze in some social time too.

Last month, while digesting some margarita pizza a couple of hours into one of our garage hangouts, heartburn hit. It’s been an issue for me for years, and I never know what’s gonna cause it. Also, I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and was hoping a gluten-free diet would be enough to fix the issue, but nope. It’s improved, yes, but still, it occasionally swells up seemingly unprompted. Whatever the actual reason, it’s physically unpleasant and really lowers my mood.

maty's acid indigestion heartburn relief capsules naturalmaty's acid indigestion heartburn relief capsules natural

Looking for a natural solution to heartburn

That night, I went home and googled natural remedies, wanting to avoid the usual medications meant for heartburn. I learned that, ironically, drinking a bit of pure apple cider vinegar is supposed to help, because contrary to popular belief, that burning feeling of indigestion, heartburn, can be caused by a deficit of stomach acid. Have the acid reducers I’ve been taking been doing more harm than good? Drinking straight apple cider vinegar was honestly quite unpleasant for me, but it actually did help and I was happy to have kicked heartburn’s butt that night, naturally.

Maty’s All-Natural Acid & Indigestion Relief 

Wanting to avoid the experience of drinking apple cider vinegar that’s, frankly, disgusting to me, I sought out a new partner that gets that ingredient, and more natural ingredients, into my stomach a different way. And I found one: Maty’s All-Natural Acid & Indigestion Relief Capsules. They’re made with natural ingredients like turmeric, coriander, ginger roots, cloves, and yes, my new favorite, apple cider vinegar. A truly natural solution to acid and indigestion without having to force down a swallow of apple cider vinegar.

I used to be opposed to natural solutions, thinking they can’t possibly be as effective as western medicine. If you too suffer from heartburn and want to give natural solutions a try, seriously consider checking out Maty’s. All I can tell you is that it works for me. It’s a trusted brand that gives you safe and effective natural heartburn relief that gets rid of my heartburn.

With the holidays around the corner, think of yourself or someone who could use it, and add Maty’s All-Natural Acid & Indigestion Relief Capsules to your CVS cart now before that burning discomfort flares up and you wish you had (Include unique link). You can also follow Maty’s on social media at @matys (IG) and @Matyshp (FB). Better safe than sorry!

maty's acid indigestion heartburn relief capsules natural
maty's acid indigestion heartburn relief capsules natural
maty's acid indigestion heartburn relief capsules natural

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