Autism and PICA

We need more autism and PICA awareness

autism pica

Let’s talk about autism and pica. I’ve been trying to share the positive side of Charlie’s journey because I know it resonates with many. I cherish those moments too, but the truth is, they’re not our everyday reality. Outside of the heartwarming moments I post on social media, our daily life is often filled with fear and frankly, sadness too.

Here’s a glimpse into what Charlie has been trying to eat lately… There’s been no improvement since the GI pulled a screw out of his colon. He relentlessly tries to swallow everything around the house that’s not meant to be eaten…

This week, I was excited to finally have a fridge and display our family pictures but, within a day, he was chomping on the pictures. Even his Halloween bucket, that’s supposed to be a symbol of fun, was chewed.

Sponges? They’re a no-go in our household now. It’s truly heartbreaking to see Charlie constantly try to eat non-edible objects.

We’ve received no assistance from doctors. GI said he’s fine physically and there’s nothing she can do because it’s a behavioral issue. The developmental pediatrician upped his meds which increased his self-injurious behaviors and didn’t help with PICA. Our ABA center has been the most helpful by far and they’re constantly looking for new approaches to tackling PICA but so far nothing has helped.

We’re at loss.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, even the challenging parts. 💔❤️

autism pica

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    Erika Berm
    2024-02-14 at 11:54 PM

    Hi Eileen,
    thank you for sharing. I am a grad student and I’m doing some research on common challenges. Are you comfortable elaborating more on the challenge in obtaining assistance/resources for pica. thank you

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