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Expecting baby #3

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The best things in life are often unexpected.

Expecting baby #3 in October, 2022.

Jude is super excited to finally be the big brother and can’t wait to teach the baby math. I had to explain it’s gonna be a few years before that can happen. He seemed okay with it 😄

It’s a…GIRL!

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Willy and I are still separated but this baby is loved and will be part of the one thing that keeps us forever bonded regardless of our relationship status – our children.

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    2022-04-01 at 12:16 PM

    Good morning, and happy April to you (no April Fools, I’m being 100% serious here). I am a high-functioning autistic 17 year old who’s already had my childhood stolen due to my autism, but I’m living better now. I have to question you a lot. You can call me an ableist anti-natalist all you want, go ahead. You should realize autism is genetic, and it’s one of the major reasons why I REFUSE to have any children. I deeply regret blindly trusting the pharma-shilled “autism advocates”, but here is the main point.

    If one of your sons is severely disabled and needs 24/7 attention, and will never be independent, and you’re autistic yourself?… What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you trying for a third child? Are you trying for typical children so they can care for Charlie? Even if not, you should realize they’re already having normal childhoods robbed from them because of Charlie. You really want to pass down a damn disability full of suffering and misery down? You should’ve stopped at Charlie, and no more. He’s already a huge burden who can’t care for himself and will overflow the care system. I’m sorry if I hurt you, I’m an honest person.

    Overall I’m very glad you trust your own instinct and you’ve lived it. Believe me, I’ve been bullied on Reddit just for trying to prove points with these sick people. ABA works (even though I never had it despite being diagnosed at two years old), Autism Speaks has improved over the years, the puzzle piece is not harmful, I’d rather have a dead kid over an autistic kid, and some people (probably myself included) want a cure. It’s ruined my childhood even though I have no siblings, and I still struggle with severe sensory issues whenever a child screams/cries. How can you handle being a mother?

    -Just advice, from an autistic teenager from Florida, who wants to wake people up about vaccines, and speak up about the problems with the disgusting “Neurodiversity” and invent a cure for those who want it

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