Displate: Magnetic posters to make your home awesome

Our house is coming together nicely.Our new home is twice as big as our old rental place so we’ve been needing to buy items to furnish it. We have a nice couch, many plants and also beautiful furniture.  We’re putting on the final touches to make our house really ours, so we needed to dress the walls. I was looking for a stylish, sturdy, long-lasting solution and also budget-friendly. I’m not a teenager anymore so posters weren’t an option. I think frames are beautiful but they get pricey. I found the perfect solution with Displate.


The quality of prints is awesome, the color vibrants and there are thousands of designs to choose from. I love how easy to install they are. You mount them with a magnet so it takes only a minute to install. No screws, no need to look for a stud, it’s that easy.
I chose designs that reminded me of France because I get nostalgic sometimes. I love vintage designs and this one is my favorite I think. Jude’s room has a magical, starry night feel to it, so I got this awesome dispalte of Saturne for him.

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