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Grocery Pickup: Shopping made easy for moms

This post is sponsored by Walmart, but all opinions expressed are my own.

When it comes to chores, I don’t mind doing laundry, vacuuming, doing dishes, or mowing the lawn but there’s one thing that I dread every week: going grocery shopping with the kids. First of all, their behavior is too unpredictable. It’s always challenging when they both start screaming in the store, and we don’t always know what could set either one of them off. Secondly, it’s a lot of work. It’s hard to load the car and then carry groceries back inside the house while making sure the kids are safe. Finally, I feel like it’s a waste of my time. It usually takes a couple of hours from the time we start getting ready to when the groceries are put away in the fridge and pantry.


Walmart: Grocery Pickup

So, I recently tried Walmart Grocery Pickup and I love it. All I had to do is sit on my computer, order stuff like I was shopping online, and drive to the store to pick up my groceries. There’s a designated parking spot and a Walmart employee brought my groceries out to me. I never had to leave the car.

Walmart definitely changed the grocery shopping game with their new pickup service. The grocery pickup service features 30,000 items, and Walmart has found that more than 90 percent of customers choose to add fresh meat, dairy, or produce to their baskets. Other top items selected by grocery pickup shoppers include after-school snacks, diapers, and large dog food bags. It’s definitely convenient to order big and heavy items without having to load them into your car. 

walamrt grocery

Walmart Pickup: Complete your grocery shopping in minutes

  1. Order Online:

Order from online or through the Walmart Grocery mobile app, enter your zip code to select a local store, and begin creating your shopping list. During checkout, just select a time that’s convenient for you to pick up your order. Click here to find out if it’s available in your area.

      2. No Markups and Free Delivery

One key thing about Walmart Grocery Pickup is that there are no markups, and you pick up for free. I like grocery delivery services but they tend to significantly up the food prices and you have to pay a delivery fee on top of that! With Walmart, there are no markups on any items. You get the same “Every Day Low Prices” found in-store and your pickup is free.

      3. Great Quality

You get great quality ingredients because highly-trained personal shoppers carefully select the freshest produce, meats, and other items each customer requested. Walmart always guarantees the quality of the food being picked up or purchased in store through its Freshness Guarantee for meat, produce, and bakery items. If customers aren’t satisfied with an item, they simply bring back the receipt for a full refund.

       4. Easy Pickup

Finally, just drive to Walmart to pick up your order. Once you arrive at the pickup location, there will be reserved parking spaces marked in orange and a designated number to call to alert an associate. An associate will quickly retrieve the prepared order and load it into your car.

Spend more time with your kids

I love that I’m able to spend more time with my boys instead of spending that hour at the store. I don’t even have to get out of the car. It also saves us all a lot of stress and frustration. Walmart Grocery Pickup makes being a mom, or anyone, easier. I’ve also found that I spend less money when shopping online because I don’t get tempted by products I see on display at the store. “Oh, this looks good! … Oh, and that too…”. Everything is well organized online and I can easily find the products that I’m looking for. I stocked up for the week!

Coupon: $10 off your first order of $50 or more

If you made it until here, I have a couple of gifts for you. First, if you too want to try Walmart and spend more time with your family, you can use the code MOMHACKS to save $10 off your first order of $50 or more. And of course, you get free pickup.

Second, you can download a family guide with dozens fun ideas to make learning and school success a part of your child’s life beyond the classroom. Plus, you’ll find a free mini-poster for your child, online grocery discounts, and more.

I put together a little video of my experience using Walmart Pickup. Check it out: 

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