How to make money as a blogger: 15 great influencer networks


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How to monetize your blog with marketing agencies?

When I started this blog, I had no idea I could make money from it. I just wanted to share Charlie’s journey with people and help others who are going through the same struggles as us. After a few months, I started getting contacted by brands and agencies and realized it was actually possible to make a living with my blog. I started filling out applications in hope of being accepted into influencer networks. These marketing agencies are basically middle men between influencers and brands looking to advertise.

List of my favorite agencies for bloggers and influencers


A click-based agency. You get paid per click. I get offers from them a couple of times a month. Some of my blogger friends get offers from them every week. I’ve worked with brands like Cottonelle, Wente, Kleenex, Dove, Happy Family, and Sprout. Sign up here —> Linqia

2- Social Native

Great for beginners and experts alike. Instagram and Youtube collaborations. Pay depends on your following and other factors. I got my first job within a week. I’ve worked with brands like Panera and Kit Kat through them. Sign up —> here

3-Get Heartbeat

This is an awesome platform for beginner and expert bloggers alike. Your rate depends on the number of followers you have on Instagram. I got three campaigns with them during my first week. Sign up here —> Heartbeat
Note: The rates are low but you only have to leave your post up for 72 hours and most of the time the image is provided to you. Easy money.

4- Massive Sway

I love them! They have amazing opportunities for mommy bloggers all the time. So many great brands for moms like Disney, Enfamil, and OXO… The campaign leaders are super friendly and helpful. In my top 3!

5- Influencer Central

Another great agency who’s gotten me work with brands like Pampers, Amazon, Tai Pei, Purell… They have a lot of opportunities for bloggers who talk about parenting and food, which is great for a blogger like me since that’s what I talk about the most: Food and kids.

6. Izea

Sponsorships for everyone. Name your rate opportunities. Sign up here —> IZEA

7- Buzzhole

I’m new to this network but I’ve already worked with two of their companies. I love the interface. Paid collabs and product exchange available. Payments are very fast. Sign up —> HERE

8- Clever

This is the agency through which I used to get most of my jobs. I’ve worked with brands like Colgate, Clif, V-tech, HEB, The UPS Store, VTech, Dove, and Stouffer’s through them. The pay is very fair and the campaign leaders are friendly and professional. One of my favorite agencies to work with.

9- SoFab

So many great brands on Social Fabric. Great for food bloggers. I get about 4 campaigns a month on SoFab. The pay depends on your reach. Definitely in my top 3 of the best agencies to work with as a blogger!

10- Activate by Bloglovin

Lots of offers. Great for food and fashion influencers. They have a variety of offers for fashion, and food blogger. Also great for mom influencers. They have a lot of “name your rate” campaigns. I don’t get a lot of work with them but you might!


11 – Everywhere Agency

This is the agency through which I got my first job with Carter’s, and I’m attached to them for that reason. They send a newsletter with offers once a month. I also worked on two campaigns with Oshkosh. The pay is always fair and prompt, the campaign leaders are friendly. I love them!

12- Pollinate Media Group

For bloggers who have over 20,000 views a month on their blog. Limited opportunities but worth joining. I worked on a campaign with Pop Secret.


I love It’s very straightforward. Collabs mostly consist of 1 Instagram post in exchange for a product. They work with brands like Google and Sephora. You also have the opportunity to earn money after completing several campaigns.

14- Collabor8

Download the app on your phone. Many opportunities, especially from small shops. Paid collabs and product exchange both available.

15. SheSpeaks – BlogHer

Great for mom bloggers and lifestyle bloggers alike.

16. Popular Pays

Download the app on your phone. They have a lot of opportunities and they’re all “name your rate”.

17 – Tap Influence

I’ve worked on two campaigns with Pampers through them. They email you when they find a campaign that matches your profile.

18 – RevInfluence

Many awesome brands. Product collaborations and sponsored posts

I’m new to the agency but it’s very promising. sign up here —>

There are other agencies for bloggers and influencers like Intermix, Fresh Press Media, MavenX etc

Last updated on December 26th, 2017.

How about you? Which are your favorite agencies to work with for influencers?

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    Checking out all of these! Hopefully I will be able to avail of these opportunities even though I live in the UK

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    Thanks for sharing this! As a blogger, I’m always looking to grow and evolve. I appreciate your thoughts and wisdom!

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