My autism book is getting published!

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Let’s open up that champagne!

I’m finally ready to share some BIG NEWS with you. As some of you know, I’m writing a book. Having a book published has been dream of mine since I was a child. My dream is about to come true thanks to Thought Catalog who is publishing it! I’m so honored to be working with them and so excited to be embarking on this journey.

An autism book with a unique perspective

While I’ve been sharing with you snippets of our life and discussions about autism in general for a few years, this book goes more in-depth about my life through the lens of autism. It’s vulnerable, it’s real, and I hope it will be thought provoking. I open up about my childhood, my autism diagnosis, and of course Charlie, but also about the sad situation my home country France is facing when it comes to autism diagnosis and acceptance.

This book is a message of hope and also an eye-opener. I hope you’ll read it and laugh and cry with me. And thank you to my agent, Lorin from Shine Influencers, who believed in my book and found the perfect publisher for my autism book.

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