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  • autism speaking engagement

    Autism and speaking engagements

    I’m a mother on the autism spectrum raising two children with autism, one with Level 1 Autism and one with Level 3 Autism. I’ve been enjoying giving talks all over the…

  • IMG 3289 edited

    Autism and those looks in public…

    Autism has taught me to expect the unexpected from strangers in public. This week, I received a wonderful surprise! I took Charlie to the doctor to make sure his nose wasn’t…

  • pica

    Autism and PICA

    We need more autism and PICA awareness Let’s talk about autism and pica. I’ve been trying to share the positive side of Charlie’s journey because I know it resonates with many.…

  • IMG 2808

    My 2024 hopes for the autism community

    To the parents awaiting services or evaluations for their autistic kiddo…I’m thinking of you. To the mom, overwhelmed that health insurance went up again…you’re not alone. To the autistic person, drained…

  • charliesevere

    Severe autism doesn’t mean less-than

    There’s been a huge increase in people trying to erase severe autism.  “Severe autism isn’t real.” “No one is more severely autistic than someone else.” “We’re all equally autistic.” As someone…

  • toxicpositivity 2

    Toxic Positivity and Autism

    Toxic positivity: dismissing negative emotions and responding to distress with false reassurances rather than empathy. Sometimes, as parents of autistic children, we want someone to acknowledge with us, “yeah, sometimes this…