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Tips for a Montessori bedroom

bear sticker toddler bedroom sky space theme montessori style autism mom blog austin texas

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Why I love the Montessori education model

When Jude was 18 months, he was delayed in his development. Because his only peer model was Charlie, his severely autistic big brother, he wasn’t learning age-appropriate skills. Our developmental pediatrician recommended that Jude start going to school to be around normally developing kiddos his own age, hoping he’d imitate them and learn that way. We did some research and ended up choosing a Montessori School that Jude started going to three days per week. I like the Montessori approach because it teaches children independence through play and gives them confidence. The learning is individualized for each child’s unique needs and interests. The children are given choices and they make their own decisions about what “work” to do on their sweet little work mats.

Another Montessori principle is letting the child explore indoors and outdoors as long as it’s done in a safe environment. These principles reminded me a lot of how I grew up in France, exploring my own surroundings with a lot of freedom. Since Jude is now thriving at school, I decided to turn his room into a toddler Montessori bedroom.

autism mom blog grimms children's toy mommy blogging montessori style bedroom tips parents

The advantages of a Montessori-style bedroom

If you’re wondering what a Montessori bedroom is and what the advantages are, you’ve come to the right mom blog.
The idea is to turn your toddler’s bedroom into a space where he’s able to reach everything on his own, fostering their imagination, self-confidence, and independence. In the words of Maria Montessori herself:

“We must give the child an environment that he can utilize by himself: a little washstand of his own, a bureau with drawers he can open, objects of common use that he can operate, a small bed in which he can sleep at night under an attractive blanket he can fold and spread by himself. We must give him an environment in which he can live and play; then we will see him work all day with his hands and wait impatiently to undress himself and lay himself down on his own bed.”

bear sticker toddler bedroom sky space theme montessori style autism mom blog austin texas

6 Steps to turn your toddler room into a Montessori bedroom

1 – Go Minimalist

First, you need to keep everything simple and minimalist. If you’re a mom (or dad!), you’ve undoubtedly said the phrase, “this kid has too many toys… what a mess!” There are many benefits to only having a small amount of toys. I personally love wooden toys because they’re durable, eco friendly, and encourage imaginative play. My favorite are Grimm’s wooden toys. I also declutter a few times per year. We donate some toys, and the ones with sentimental value get put in a box that we hide for a few months.

autism mom blog grimms children's toy mommy blogging montessori style bedroom tips parents

rainbow montessori bedroom tips wooden shelf and toys

2 – Make Toys Accessible

Get furniture that allows your child to be independent. Get an open shelf so he can access his toys. We encourage Jude to clean up his “work” after he’s done playing with a toy. The open shelf makes the process easy and encourages him to be more independent. Jude loves doing everything by himself now. It’s a win-win situation for both parent and toddler. Another advantage? Look at how cute this Montessori shelf looks.

montessori shelf toddler room autism mom blog eileen lamb

autism mom blog grimms children's toy mommy blogging wooden toys montessori style bedroom tips parents

Make clothes accessible too. I made this clothing rack with my husband. It’s super easy. See my DIY wooden clothing rack instructions here.

judes montessori 3

3 – Create a Workspace

It’s important for your child to have his own space to create and work. We got this great table from IKEA that is the perfect size for Jude. I love the two bins underneath that store markers and paper. It would also make an amazing sensory table (waterbeads, rice, etc.). Right now, Jude uses his table to play with toys and especially to paint and draw. I love seeing him create and use his imagination.

autism mom blog grimms children's toy mommy blogging wooden toys montessori style bedroom tips parents

4 – Get a Floor Bed

There are many advantages to giving your child this other piece of freedom. There are benefits like the lower price, and that you don’t even have to get a bed frame – just put a mattress on the floor, et voila! Another advantage is that they won’t hurt themselves falling from the bed.

Got the stars stickers here on Amazon.

autism mom blog grimms children's toy mommy blogging wooden toys montessori style bedroom tips parents

5 – Decorate Their Bedroom

We asked Jude to choose a theme for his bedroom. He said “stars and bears” so off to Pinterest I went to make it happen. I found the perfect wall decal and moon-lamp, and I’m totally in love with this wall in Jude’s room. Because Jude was part of the decision process, he really appreciates his room and that makes it an inviting environment for him. It’s a place where he wants to spend his time safely exploring and learning.

bear sticker wall toddler bedroom moon lamp autism mom blog parenting blogger austin texas tx usa

6 – A Reading Corner

Books are so good for children’s development. We created a cozy area for Jude with two IKEA benches and a few wall shelves from Amazon. Jude loves that he can see his books. Just like with the toys, they’re accessible. This area is right next to his bed so he can either go read in bed or sit on his cozy bench with pillows.

book shelf kids montessori style bedroom autism mom blog autistic childrens toddlers ikea

Finally, security is important so make sure all the furniture is secured to the wall, and that the bedroom is baby-proof, even with older kiddos. Remember that what works for one child may not work for another, so search for Montessori inspiration online and experiment.

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    I love the theme Stars and Bears!

    Where is that beautiful dreamy dollhouse from?

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      I bought it on smallable and I believe it’s from Encore 🙂

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    nice post. Thanks

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    Hi! Love all of this. Can you please tell me where you got the large wood animals? Thanks!

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    Such a beautiful room! Where is the moon lamp and bear decal from?

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    2020-02-25 at 4:58 PM

    How old is your son in this post? I’m pregnant right now with my first! 🙂 At what age will a baby start exploring their environment? When is a good age to add the toy and book shelf?

    • Reply
      2020-08-19 at 1:30 AM

      Also wondering how old your son is in this post

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        2020-08-19 at 5:26 PM

        Hi Stacey,

        He was 3 but we started introducing him to toys and a Montessori environment early on. He was 6 months old.

    • Reply
      2020-08-19 at 5:25 PM

      Hi Bethany,

      He was 3. We started introducing him to toys very early on. By 2 months, babies start grabbing toys and by 6 months, they can play with toys. Blocks, balls, and ring stackers are great first toys. Books are amazing too. Babies start crawling and exploring around 8 months on average 🙂

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