Halloween and Autism: I can’t say Trick or Treat but I’d still like candy

Halloween and Autism

halloween autism trick or treating autistic tips

This one goes out to people who will be handing out candy at Halloween and crossing the path of people with autism. Some who are nonverbal.

Just a reminder to be kind to everyone this Halloween. 👻🎃

Be kind to the child who can’t say “trick or treat”.

Be kind to the adult in a Superman costume.

Be kind to the little girl who doesn’t say “thank you”.

Be kind to the child who doesn’t understand he’s not supposed to go inside your house.

Be kind to the child who’s not wearing a costume.

Be kind to the little boy who speaks very loudly.

While you may think these behaviors are due to rudeness, often they’re caused by an invisible disability or simply shyness.

To put it into perspective, Halloween is one day a year. You get to make many kids and adults happy just by giving a few pieces of candy. I say that’s a pretty good deal 😊👻🎃

Here are some tips for an Autism Friendly Halloween

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