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Checking out STEM toys with Charlie and Jude

stem toys wacky wheels autism mom blog

There are so many ways for our kids to pass the time through the day. There’s running around outside, playing with Mr. Potato Head, watching videos on the iPad, and about a thousand other things in our house alone. When it comes to toys, there are so many options out there that it’s hard to know whether a toy is going to be fun. It’s also difficult to know whether it’s going to be educational in some way, or the holy grail: both. In that vein, there’s a type of toy called a STEM toy that cover both bases, with awesome results.

You might have heard of STEM in the context of schools or education. It’s an acronym made up of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. With toys, though, a STEM toy is any toy that excites your child’s more scientific mind. Whether it’s constructing something, using circuit boards, or other various educational activities, STEM toys are great for kiddos interested in science.

Success with STEM toys

The toy we got from the company Circuit Cubes is called Whacky Wheels. It’s a Lego-type construction toy with little batteries, electric motors, gears, lights, and wires to connect it all. Everything is colorful and easy to connect. Circuit Cubes toys invites you to either free-play or follow instructions to create a working car! So I sat down with Charlie and Jude, we laid out all the components, and we followed the directions to make this car.

stem toys wacky wheels autism mom blog

stem toys wacky wheels autism mom blogWatching Jude study the page with me to find the correct Circuit Cube components was amazing to see. He was really getting it and trying hard. I’d ask him to get the yellow light piece and try and place it where it was placed in the photo and he really tried to do it. Often he didn’t even need my help! From there we were able to add the axles and wheels, and press the motor and gear down onto the Lego chassis of our little car. The wiring to connect it all was incredibly simple and it just snapped right on, and after it was all connected, I had Charlie flip the switch, and the wheels started spinning and the car took off!

Circuit Cubes Whacky Wheels

I’m so incredibly impressed with how Jude was able to follow along and learn a little about some basic STEM concepts. And all while building a toy car to play with. He knows that the battery needs to be wired to the motor for the wheels to spin. That, I think, is an amazing achievement that Circuit Cubes Whack Wheels was able to provide us with. Check it out here.

stem toys wacky wheels autism mom blog

stem toys wacky wheels autism mom blog


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