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How to get a free baby box and samples in 2022

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Where to get a free baby box and samples?

Who doesn’t like freebies? I do. I haven’t been pregnant since 2015, and haven’t kept anything to care for a newborn or baby. I remembered that a few years back, I was able to get a free baby box on Amazon when I created a baby registry. I did some research and found quite a few places that offer free baby samples and free baby boxes full of goodies. I’ve received a baby box from Amazon and Target so far and they were both great with full-size samples (swaddle, clothes, baby bottles etc). It was a great surprise so I searched for more places and here’s what I found.

IMG 4973
Mix of the Amazon and Target free Baby Box

Get a free baby box when you sign up for a baby registry

Amazon: Create a baby registry, complete 60% of your registry, and make a purchase of $10 or more to receive your free baby box. I was pleasantly surprised with what I received: Bottle, Onesie, diapers, swaddle… Sign up here.

Target: Create a baby registry, add items and make a purchase of $20 or more to receive your free baby box. I was pleasantly surprised with what I received: Bottle, samples, diapers, swaddle… Sign up here.

Walmart: The easiest of all, all you have to do is create a registry and paste your link in this form. I haven’t received the baby box yet so not sure how good it is.

BabyList: This one was a bit frustrating. You need to download the app, add items to your registry, make a purchase of $10 or more from the baby shop and then pay a $10 shipping fee to receive your box. I did get some good samples like Aden+Anais swaddle, Avent bottle, diapers etc– Sign up here.

Buy Buy Baby: The downside of this one is that you have to pick up your free baby goodie bag in store. I haven’t done it yet but it’s on my list. Sign up here.

IMG 5047
Baby Box from BabyList
IMG 4972
More samples from the Amazon and Target boxes

Where to get a free breast pump?

I knew I would get a free breast pump through health insurance in the USA but I didn’t know how expensive the breast pump would be and how easy the process would be. I was only 12 weeks pregnant when I received a brand new Spectra breast pump. All I had to do was enter my insurance information on this website and within 10 days, a Spectra breast pump showed up at my door. Mind blown!

The website I used is Edgepark, but there are more like Aeroflow.

Where to get free books?

Note: This is only for Jewish families.

  • If you’re Jewish and your child is between 1 month to 8 1/2 years old, sign up here for the PJ Library. It’s always free and you get a book every month.
  • If your child is between the age of 9 and 12, sign up here. It’s free.

PJ Our Way is the next chapter of PJ Library for kids ages 9-12. It is available free of charge throughout the U.S. and Canada to families raising Jewish children. Every month, kids can come to this site to choose the book they want to receive. Kids can also submit reviews and videos about the books. Sign up today!

Dolly Parton Library

Get a free book per month until your kiddo is 5.

Only available in certain regions. Check if you’re eligible here.

Where to get free baby formula samples and coupons?

I’m planning on breastfeeding, but I also know that may not happen. I had an easy time with Jude but a tough time with Charlie. I was happy to have some formula samples on hand. To get free formula samples and coupons for your baby, sign up below:

Enfamil: Fill out this form and that’s it

Similac: Fill out this form and that’s it

Did I miss anything? If you know where to get free baby samples, comment below!

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