I think I’m officially an adult.

Time for the big move!

We’re moving so soon and I could not be more excited. I’ve already started packing our winter clothes, most books, and other items we don’t use during the summer, and it feels real now.

Moving into our first home is such an incredible milestone for us and there’s a lot I’m looking forward to. One thing Willy and I have been holding off for until we had our own place is buying nice furniture. We like our flat-pack furniture just fine but there really is something so nice about living with high-quality furniture. We’ve always loved the brand Delta Children so it seemed like the right decision to go with them. I’m also in love with their nursery sets but, well, no babies!

We’re trying to keep somewhat of a routine right now. A move can be so stressful and we don’t want the boys to feel it too much. We’ve been going to the park as normal and I’m trying not to pack in front of them. They seem to be doing just fine now.

Double the space!

In the new house we’ll have double the area of our current rental. That’s a lot of space to fill up. I’ve always wanted to have a nice dresser in the main entrance to organize items like mail, keys, hats, and other things that just end up piling up as soon as we get home.

So we got this fabulous dresser from Delta Children. It’s beautiful and it will fit in perfectly with our mix of modern and vintage decor. When it was delivered, I was happy to see it came already assembled too. That’s a real step up for us. I texted my girlfriend and told her, “I’m an accomplished adult. I received a great dresser that didn’t need to be assembled by me!” …That’s totally a milestone, right?

In any case, until we move, this beautiful dresser has been sitting in our living room and it’s making our current rental place look good. If you’re looking for furniture, I strongly recommend Delta Children. I even have a coupon code just for you. It’s AUTISMCAFE for 15% OFF. Yes, indeed, it’s pretty awesome. Tell your mom-friends, especially if they’re expecting a baby because their nurseries are so, so cute.

I can’t wait to show all of you our new place too. And I hope Charlie adjusts well. Moving is never easy when you have an autistic child. I’m hopeful, though, because Charlie has been good with moves in the past. Fingers crossed!

delta 1

delta 2

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