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My smile makeover with a great cosmetic dentist in Austin

My smile makeover with a great cosmetic dentist in Austin

I spent so many years smiling with my mouth closed, that now, with my new beautiful teeth, I realized I don’t know how to smile naturally. 

Almost everyone has at least one thing on their body they’d change if they could. For me, it was always my teeth. As a busy mom of two boys, one of whom is severely autistic, I’ve tended to take care of others before myself. It’s hard to find time to do things I want, and I feel guilty about spending extra money on myself. Mom-guilt is real, y’all! 

Finally, this year, I decided to do something about my teeth. I rightly convinced myself that it was not a superficial decision and that I didn’t want one of the first things people noticed to be something bad about my teeth — you can tell where people’s eyes travel to, even if they don’t reveal their thoughts. So, I tackled my crooked bottom teeth with clear aligners, and it was a success! But that was the easy part.

Indeed, my top row of teeth had many issues that required extensive, major dental work — so much so that I didn’t know where to start. While browsing Instagram, I stumbled upon a local cosmetic dentist in Austin and was instantly blown away by his smile transformations. I had a feeling Dr. Hulse was the perfect dentist to help me with my smile makeover.

I submitted photos of my teeth online to his virtual consultation form, and he responded promptly with a video explaining what we could do to fix my teeth and achieve my dream smile. 

I was born with missing teeth and still had multiple baby teeth 

What’s wrong with my top teeth, you ask? Well, first of all, I was born missing two teeth. Gone. MIA. Just never showed up. And on top of that, some of my baby teeth grew in without adult teeth behind them. Some of these baby teeth hung in there for 30 years, but looked teeny tiny next to my adult teeth — it looked strange and incorrect. 

austin cosmetic dentist smile makeover dr jarett hulse

Additionally, because of my missing teeth, my incisor (the pointy tooth, third-from-center on top) moved to fill the gap and was now second-from-center. 

Beyond those unfortunate built-in issues, I also broke one of my adult front teeth during a party as a teenager (don’t ask). The dentist in France had been able to kinda fix it with a composite resin and eventually a crown, but it kept falling off. So that one needed to come out too and get replaced with an implant or bridge. Phew…told you! It was a mess.

Dr. Jarett Hulse at Austin Artistic Dental

Dr. Hulse told me he could make my teeth look perfect, fixing all those issues, and I was thrilled. After the virtual consult, I made an in-person appointment to discuss my options and the costs, and I moved forward with the bridge option because it looked great, and saved a little money and lots of time

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Hulse. First, you have to know that I’m one of those rare people who is almost impossible to get completely numb, so when I go to the dentist, I feel things. Somehow, he managed to get me numb enough that I felt pretty much no pain because he genuinely wanted and tried so hard for me to be completely pain-free. Believe me, that result is incredible for someone like me. 

To start my smile transformation, Dr. Hulse had to extract my baby tooth, as well as that infamous broken front tooth. Then he did bone graft on those teeth, and two bridges and a couple porcelain veneers and crowns to complete the smile. This was done over three appointments spaced out to give my gums time to heal. But after just the first appointment, I had temporary teeth in and already had a much better smile!

 aftertemporary 2 2aftertemporary 1 2
The first photo was taken in the car right after my first appointment.

And each time, the staff is welcoming, treating me like a person, not a number. That is so crucially important for me when in a medical setting.

And on top of that, the office is new, comfortable, and hi-tech. I was able to watch my favorite TV shows with headphones on while he worked on my teeth because he has a TV on the ceiling with Netflix and other streaming services. Not a bad thing when you’re spending a bit of time in the chair!

My smile makeover with Dr. Hulse

Alright, enough chit-chat. I’m sure you’re dying to see the results, so here are some photos!

austin cosmetic dentist smile makeover dr jarett hulse

austin cosmetic dentist smile makeover dr jarett hulse

austin cosmetic dentist smile makeover dr jarett hulse

Looking for a great cosmetic dentist in Austin, TX

Yup, if you’re in Austin (or within a day’s drive), and looking for a great cosmetic dentist, this is the place I trusted, and I’d do it again — Dr. Jarett Hulse at Austin Artistic Dental.

And if you’ve been thinking about doing something for your smile but don’t know where to start, do Dr. Hulse’s free virtual consultation . You’ll get an idea of what can be done to give you a new smile, expected costs, etc. I know, we all have busy lives, and many of you, I know, tend to put yourselves at the end of the line, so the virtual consult is an easy way for you to take the first step.

I can’t tell you what it’s like to, after decades of not having it, what it feels like to have good teeth — to have a distracting smile, in all the right ways. I’m simply more confident now that I have teeth I feel good about. 

Thank you Dr. Hulse!

austin cosmetic dentist smile makeover dr jarett hulse

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