Pet peeves on BST boards, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist

Can we talk about buyers on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace?

I dread having to post items for sale on these websites. It’s always the same thing. It takes a million messages (on a good day) before you actually sell your item. Buyers’ behavior on these websites have become my biggest pet peeve.

#1 – Would you take $2?

There are always people who make ridiculous offers on items worth way more. Can’t blame a guy for trying but damn, it’s annoying. I had a guy drive to my house and then asked me in person if I’d take $2 for a brand new inflatable pool because he didn’t have a pump to blow it up. I’m happy I stood my ground with this because I can be a bit of a pushover.




#2 – What’s the color? Brand?

It doesn’t matter if the post has all information. You’ll always get 10 people per listing asking you again.

Listing be like “blue bike in great condition”.

Craigslist person be like “this is a red motorcycle, right?”


#3 – « interested » « want » and « next »

These three words go together. People who comment “Me”, “want” or “interested”  must just get a kick out of commenting on your listing because they won’t answer to your message when it’s time to pick up the item. My best guess is that they’re just bored.


#4 – Want my boat for your car?

Once in a while, I get messages from people wanting to trade. My favorite was that guy who offered me a rowboat for my Subaru. Then, there was that one guy who offered me a broken dirt bike. And well, my post started with “NO TRADES”.

#5- No-shows

This one is my biggest pet peeve and actually makes me angry. Just in the past week I’ve had 5 no-shows. Each time the people kept telling me how serious they were, sharing with me about their personal life, and they genuinely seemed like serious buyers and sweet people. I trusted them so I made plans to be home for them so they could test drive the car/pick up the item. But when the time came, I waited and waited and waited… and no one ever showed. A couple of them ended up messaging me back later with some B.S. excuse, and I even gave them a second chance and rescheduled. Of course, no one ever came the second time either.

I find this stuff so disrespectful and wish people would not make plans if they don’t actually come over. I think part of the reason why it annoys me so much is because I feel naive and played, which is something I’m sensitive too. And well… it sucks to miss out on a sale while also losing precious time.

It’s like people don’t realize that behind the screen, there’s a real person with real feelings and a real life. Be mindful, buyers, and don’t be a dick!


So anyone interested in a Subaru Forester from 2001?

What are your biggest pet peeves on the BST boards, Craigslist and Facebook market?

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