Texas Snowpocalypse 2021

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This past week was scary for many in Texas, including our family.

We were left without heat and electricity for days when it was 7F outside. And then, we were left without water. Our water is back now but still not potable.

If you’re from northern states, please understand the seriousness of the situation in Texas. We are not equipped for this. We don’t have snow clothes. We don’t have snow shovels. We don’t have backup heating solutions. We don’t have basements. We don’t have snow tires. We don’t have salt trucks. We don’t have snowplows.

Imagine your winter without heat, electricity, and water. How would you feel?

Snowday 4

Things I was taking for granted:

⁃ A heated home in winter
⁃ A grocery store with food
⁃ Limitless water for drinking and cleaning
⁃ Stable high-speed internet
⁃ Electricity that provides all of the above and more

We still don’t have potable tap water, but for us, everything else has returned to near normalcy. Out of the millions of Texans affected by this storm, we’re the fortunate ones.

“I’m getting tired of being part of a major historical event.”

It’s crazy to think that in 2021, in a country like the United States, millions of people could go without safe water, heat, and electricity for days. We need to do better.

We didn’t have any burst pipes, we didn’t suffer from hypothermia, and most importantly, we‘re safe now.

And if anyone else here is not yet safe, reach out to me. I’m sure there’s a way I can help.

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