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The Travel Blues: Take me back to Los Angeles

I’ve got the travel blues

Reality slapped me in the face when we came home. It’s been hard to re-adjust. I allowed myself to feel happiness during our trip, knowing that the feeling wasn’t going to last, something I don’t like to do. And now, I miss it all — the driving through breathtaking landscapes and sunsets, the excitement of falling in love with a new city, and the warmth of spending time with a friend. Such a tease now that it’s over. I had to ask myself: would you still go on this trip knowing how much it was going to hurt to leave? And the answer is undeniably yes. So maybe there is some beauty in the sadness I’m experiencing right now, in knowing that I had something so precious that it hurt after it’d gone. I keep telling myself I need to be happy that it happened instead of sad that it’s over. It’s a work in progress, though, so forgive me if I’m quiet and if your messages go unanswered. Nothing personal. I’m just re-adjusting to a routine that at the moment sparks nothing in me.


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