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Nobody likes losing things

Have you ever wished you could pick up your phone and give your lost set of keys a call to find them? Isn’t it frustrating when you’re running late in the morning and cannot figure out where you put your that important thing you absolutely need?? We’ve all been there. I have a great memory for some things, yet I’m always misplacing objects. I’m the definition of an absent-minded person.

I have great news for you. Finding your favorite items are as easy as finding someone’s misplaced phone – you just call it from your phone! This is now possible thanks to a tiny bluetooth locating device named Tile that you can attach to just about anything.

Charlie’s Voice

Charlie is nonverbal, so to help him communicate he uses an app on his tablet. Earlier this year, we lost his tablet while on a walk with his therapist. It was such a frustrating experience. I was heartbroken that we’d lost Charlie’s device. Never again! Now, with Tile, I’ve joined a vast community that can help me find my things fast.

Charlie had no way to communicate so we ended up buying a new tablet right away. I wished I had known about Tile back then because it would have saved us tons of money and frustration. Now that I know about Tile, I didn’t have to think twice, we put a Tile on Charlie’s iPad. All we have to do to find it is to ring it with our phone. Charlie won’t lose his voice any time soon.

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What else can Tile do?

Another amazing feature is that if you lose something but it’s out of bluetooth range of your phone, if anybody else with Tile on their phone passes within range of your lost item, their phone, unbeknownst to them, sends YOU an update on the current location of YOUR lost item.

Additionally, we have a Tile on Jude and Charlie’s favorite soft animal, “Yeki”, as Jude calls it. If you’re a mom, I’m sure you’ve been there too: the search for your child’s favorite toy or lovey. Certain objects become very important for us in our lives and Tile is here to make sure we never lose them.

I think my parents would have given a kidney to have access to something as awesome as Tile when I was growing up. You can really attach it to anything. The sky’s the limit. I love that they have a community of people around the world who’s devices will help you out too. You don’t need to be near your object to find it as long as someone with a Tile is near it.



Watch this video we made of how we use Tile in our everyday life:


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