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    Autism is not a superpower

    Autism is not a superpower for everyone Read it again. Autism is not a superpower for everyone. I’m going to do something that’s frowned upon in the autism community. I’m going…

  • severe autism

    Don’t forget those with severe autism

    I wish my brother didn’t have autism For his sixth birthday, Jude wished Charlie didn’t have autism. I shared a video of the moment, and though a majority of comments were…

  • casy

    AUTISM Self-Help Discussion Group

    Where to find support as an autistic adult? If you have autism, and are looking to connect with other autistic adults, self-help discussion groups can be great. CASY Sparks Relationship Self-Help…

  • rainbow hot wheel cars

    American autism & auto club

    Autism and finding an online community A few months ago, I told you about some great resources for adults with autism through Casy Sparks. If you haven’t read the blog yet,…

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    End #ActuallyAutistic Bullying

    #ActuallyAutistic Bullying I want to end #ActuallyAutistic bullying. Continually for over five years, one particular group of self-identified autism advocates has been harassing countless people online. If you’ve posted on an…

  • the autism cafe autism mom blog #actuallyautistic

    Is autism a superpower?

    Is autism a superpower? I wish we could find a middle ground between “autism is a superpower” and “autism is the end of the world”. ⁣ ⁣ Many believe we shouldn’t…

  • autism mom blog

    Listen to autistic adults, but not only.

    You need to listen to autistic adults If you’re the neurotypical parent of an autistic child and have the audacity to speak about your child’s autism, you’ve probably been told by…