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    Don’t forget those with severe autism

    I wish my brother didn’t have autism For his sixth birthday, Jude wished Charlie didn’t have autism. I shared a video of the moment, and though a majority of comments were…

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    AUTISM Self-Help Discussion Group

    Where to find support as an autistic adult? If you have autism, and are looking to connect with other autistic adults, self-help discussion groups can be great. CASY Sparks Relationship Self-Help…

  • rainbow hot wheel cars

    American autism & auto club

    Autism and finding an online community A few months ago, I told you about some great resources for adults with autism through Casy Sparks. If you haven’t read the blog yet,…

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    End #ActuallyAutistic Bullying

    #ActuallyAutistic Bullying I want to end #ActuallyAutistic bullying. Continually for over five years, one particular group of self-identified autism advocates has been harassing countless people online. If you’ve posted on an…

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    For Moms Lifestyle

    Should I vaccinate my kids?

      Thanks I Vaccinate for sponsoring this post so I can share our story. Should I vaccinate my kids? With this hundred-year pandemic currently in progress, we figured it was a…

  • the autism cafe autism mom blog #actuallyautistic

    Is autism a superpower?

    Is autism a superpower? I wish we could find a middle ground between “autism is a superpower” and “autism is the end of the world”. ⁣ ⁣ Many believe we shouldn’t…