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    Brothers and autism

    Brothers and autism: Unconditional love I often get asked how Charlie reacted to us bringing newborn Jude home. The truth is, it was pretty devastating for everyone. Charlie couldn’t stand being…

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    3 Misconceptions about ABA Therapy

      Misconceptions about ABA Therapy There’s controversy around ABA therapy, a controversy I’d like to offer some perspective on. Is ABA perfect? No, but does it mean we should cancel ABA…

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    is autism the same for everyone?

    IS AUTISM THE SAME FOR EVERYONE? If you’re wondering if autism is the same for everyone, the answer is no. When it comes to autism, no two autistics are alike.  …

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    Autism and stimming: Should we discourage it?

    Autism and stimming: Should we let people with autism stim? It depends but the short answer is “yes, if they’re not harming themselves or others”. Stimming isn’t quirky and cute for…

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    How to not offend an autism advocate?

    How to not offend an autism advocate? Things you can’t say about autism Talking about autism can be tricky. It seems there’s controversy hiding behind every word, phrase, and symbol. You…

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    Does ABA Therapy cause PTSD?

    Does ABA cause PTSD? The answer is no, ABA Therapy does not cause PTSD. One of my followers explained where the rumor originated from. There was only one survey about the…